But what’s the job description?

“Do you prefer to work alone or #collaborate?” “Alone.” “Yukon gold or #russet potato?” “Uh, gold for mashed, russet for baked.” “Favorite #insect?” “Bumblebee.” “Do you have a #nemesis?” “Not since Jilly Smith in seventh grade. This is a very odd job interview.” “You’re hired.”

#vss365 #366FF #whistpr #vssmagic

Now, That’s A Party

The door opened and music spilled out. “Hey, Joey, you brought the weed, right?” Joey hid the music store bag. He was sure Eric had asked him to bring #reeds. He’d been all excited for a clarinet-playing party. “I forgot something. Let me just run home real #quick.” #whistpr

Hahahaha I basically wrote a Far Side comic. I can picture it and everything.