NYC Midnight drama

I forgot to post my entry into the most recent 250-word micro fiction contest. I drew Drama as my genre, which is not my favorite. My prompts were “getting an autograph” for the action, and the word “lean”.

Art Imitates Life

“Life-changing, isn’t it?” The woman nods to the book Jude is clutching.

“I just discovered his books. My mom died and left them to me.”

“He’s a genius. The whole ‘distinguished professor seduces impressionable coed’ premise is overdone, but he gives it such a twist.”

Jude flips through the pages, wishing she’d read it. 

“Are you looking for the really hot scene? It’s page 327. My book falls right open to that page. When Martin tells Patty that it was goodbye sex, it’s just devastating.”

“I kind of hated him.” She means the author, but it seems to apply to the character.

“Sure, when she comes back to tell him she’s pregnant and he laughs, you want to kill him, but—”


Jude’s hand trembles as she holds out the book.

“Who shall I make it out to?”

“I’m Penny’s daughter.”

“Your mother’s the fan, not you? Such a pity.” He leans closer. “I’ve got a room upstairs.”

“I already have your autograph.”

“Do you now?” He writes, “To Penny, whose daughter is a beauty, M. Porter” on the flyleaf.

She sets down a yellowed letter. “You wrote this to my mom after she told you she was pregnant.”

“You’re one of those? I guess you’re off-limits then.” He stuffs the letter into the book and waves her to the side. “Off you go, there’s a line.”

She is still immobile when the fan behind her finishes. “He’s amazing. I have chills!”

“Yes.” She drops the book. “Chills.”