All Dressed Up

“I always wanted to #impersonate a #mermaid. What song should I sing to lure men to their deaths?” “It’s a Halloween costume, and that’s sirens, not mermaids.” “We should hit the beach before trick-or-treating. You could hex some people.” “It’s just a costume!”



The Betta swam in slow circles. “He’s lonely.” “It’s a #fish, Susan. We don’t even know if it’s a he.” “No, look at him. He feels trapped. Every day is the same. Just swimming in circles, and for what? Some freeze-dried bloodworms?” “I think you’re projecting, dear.” #vss365

The Last Caper

#Metal scraped against metal. Benny winced. “Dammit, Linda, that’s going to cost me!” “You’re the one who said I had to learn to drive this goddamn tank.” “If we’re going to knock over the retirement village office, you’ve got to drive the getaway car.” #vss365